Age Verification

For products to be available to adult consumers 21+, we need to ensure the products we sell stay out of the hands of underage individuals. In compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, Booyaz uses, a secure online age verification service for the purpose of underage use prevention.
When a customer is ready to place their order, the popup will appear, explain the verification process, and why it is required. It works on a variety of devices and usually takes under a minute to complete.
The customer is asked for their date of birth and their personal information. During the age verification process, some of the checkout fields are disabled to prevent the customer from changing their name or address after being verified with a different identity. The information submitted by the customer is processed by and checked against millions of documents consisting of public records, credit information, and other sources. If it is determined that the information submitted is fraudulent or it was not found in the databases, they will ask the customer to submit a photo ID.
Once a customer is verified, they can complete their purchase with one more click. If they submitted a photo ID, will remember them so they never have to submit a photo ID again. If the customer was not verified successfully, an opportunity is provided to fix the submitted picture and try again if it was blurry or unreadable. If it is determined that the consumer is underage, will disable their access to the service.
Customer information is submitted to over a secure network and protected by 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard. The collected information is used solely for age verification and is never sold or shared.

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