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10 Myths about Nicotine Pouches

Nicotine pouches have risen in popularity rapidly over the last few years thanks to their practicality and delicious flavors. But this popularity has come with its fair share of confusion — a common fate among items that become “the next big thing.” Let’s debunk 10 common myths about nicotine pouches to get you up to speed.

1. Nicotine pouches contain tobacco

Nicotine is closely associated with smoking and cigarettes, so many people assume that nicotine pouches contain tobacco. Perhaps this is unsurprising when tobacco companies own various nicotine pouch brands — for instead, British American Tobacco produces VELO nicotine pouches.

In reality, nicotine pouches are a tobacco-free product. Their main ingredients are nicotine, flavouring, and plant-based fibres (used to make the pouches themselves).

2. You can’t use more than one nicotine product at once

There’s no reason you can’t use multiple types of nicotine products. Given the total amount of nicotine you consume is the same, there’s no difference between getting your nicotine intake from two nicotine pouches versus one nicotine pouch and one e-cigarette or nicotine patch.

However, this isn’t to say that you can consume nicotine products in unlimited quantities without consequences. It’s best to avoid using two or more products simultaneously.

3. Nicotine pouches are dangerous to swallow

Some people are nervous about placing nicotine pouches in their mouths as they believe that swallowing a pouch by accident could be dangerous.

Fortunately, most nicotine pouches are made from natural ingredients and plant fibres, so they won’t cause any serious harm if swallowed. While excessive amounts of nicotine pouches can lead to nicotine poisoning, swallowing a single pouch by accident is unlikely to cause the average person any issues.

4. You have to spit when using nicotine pouches

Chewing tobacco (also known as snuff) makes the mouth produce a lot of saliva, which users spit out since it’s unsafe to consume. Because nicotine pouches are also placed in the mouth, a common misconception is that users must also spit when consuming them.

However, this isn’t the case. Since nicotine pouches themselves are technically safe to swallow (although, you shouldn’t), there are no concerns with consuming the saliva they produce. Besides, while pouches result in some salivation, modern designs prevent excessive dripping. For instance, many nicotine pouches have dry contents, which results in a slower release with less messiness.

5. Snus and nicotine pouches are the same

Snus vs nicotine pouches is a common point of confusion. They’re both products that users place under the upper lip to consume, and they often have a similar appearance, but the two items aren’t interchangeable.

As mentioned, nicotine pouches are tobacco-free. Meanwhile, tobacco is a key ingredient in traditional Swedish snus. This means nicotine pouches are fresher, cause less staining, and come in a wider variety of flavors.

6. Nicotine pouches are illegal in the EU

Due to the confusion around snus and other nicotine products, some people believe nicotine pouches are illegal. The European Union has banned snus since 1992 (although Sweden is exempt), and the substance is also illegal in the United Kingdom.

However, the EU is primarily concerned with tobacco for oral use, which means nicotine pouches have the green light. There’s no EU-wide ban, although individual countries have taken action. For instance, the Netherlands has plans to prohibit them.

7. You must store nicotine pouches in the fridge

Everyone wants their favourite products to last as long as possible and retain their full flavour, and tobacco-based products are refrigerated since they’re perishable. Fortunately, you don’t need to refrigerate nicotine pouches — room temperature is fine.

This isn’t to say that nicotine pouches last forever. They will dry out eventually, so if you’re going to take a long time to finish a can, you may want to consider refrigeration.

8. There are no regulations for nicotine pouches

While some people think nicotine pouches are illegal, others go to the other extreme and think the industry is a kind of Wild West, exempt from regulations. This simply isn’t true. Different countries regulate differently, but many have regulations in place.

Plus, most companies go above and beyond for product safety.

9. Nicotine pouches are just for young people

When the average person thinks of nicotine pouches, they probably imagine a trendy youngster partaking in the “next big thing.” It’s true that many nicotine pouch users are on the young side, and many brands cater to this with bold, modern designs (such as the VELO Cinnamon Flame).

But does that mean that young people are the only ones using nicotine pouches? Absolutely not — all demographics have turned to the products for varying reasons. For instance, any older people who are long-term users of snus or cigarettes turn to nicotine pouches as a way to reduce consumption.

10. Nicotine pouches feel uncomfortable

If you’ve never used oral nicotine products before, the prospect of putting a pouch underneath your upper lip might sound uncomfortable. However, most pouches are made from soft materials that won’t irritate your gums and have a slim design that feels noninvasive.

You can also opt for mini nicotine pouches, which have an even smaller size.

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